Online / Virtual Experience

In this time of uncertainty we have made changes to allow you to get information to us.

Would you prefer to no longer receive a paper copy of your tax return?

Would you prefer to not longer have to come into our office to drop off, pick up or sign your tax return?

Would you like to be able to upload your receipts to us?

Would you like to be able to take pictures of your receipts and directly send them to us?

Would you like to be able to download a copy of your tax returns and financial statements when ever you want and never worry about losing them again?

We have implemented a secure web portal system where all documents can be shared between you and our firm. Many of our clients have asked for this type of system as email is not fully secured and many people are concerned about their information being found on the internet.

Having this system does not mean that we do not want to see you face to face, it is just a way of improving the speed of our service to you and saving a few hundred trees each tax season.

We are still committed to review your tax return and financial statements with you over the phone or through video conferencing, just like we would in person.

Our preferred video conferencing method is to use Zoom as it is available for all platforms and is free for you to use.

Please let us know if you would like to use this secure system for your files and receipts.