Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, we can help you get organized and set you on the right path. It's never to late to catch up
Yes, we utilize cloud computing to allow you to access your data securely in your own private environment.
99% of the time, yes. Depending on the company size and level of service you require.

Working off-site is the most cost effective method for small to medium size businesses, as we have a state of the art office and equipment and there is no need for the client to purchase software, printers, computers etc.
Our services are intellectual capital and decades of financial knowledge, not time. All our prices are based on a fixed price agreement that provides guaranteed results with no billing surprises.

Our pricing policy is fixed. Your quote is not an estimate.
We are of the opinion that our pricing should be determined by the value that our client is seeking.

We begin with a initial free consultation and after discussions on your needs needs we will prepare different options for your review.

Yes, we use a variety of security measures including:
  • Encrypted internal backups
  • Encrypted external offsite backups
  • Password protected client sites
  • Password protected and encrypted data transfer
  • Firewalls on all our computer systems
Yes, depending on your service level they may be included in your package

We also provide income tax preparation only serices for:
  • Personal Income Tax (T1)
  • Corporate Income Tax (T2)
  • Trust Income Tax (T3)
    • Inter Vivos Trusts
    • Testamentary Trusts
  • Deceased Individuals
    • Final Returns for Deceased Individuals
    • Optional Returns for Deceased Individuals
      • Returns for Rights or Things
      • Return for a Partner or Proprietor
      • Return for Income from a Graduated Rate Estate
Yes, we process payroll for a number of our clients.

This includes:
  • Monthly, Semi-Monthly, Biweekly, Weekly Payroll Runs
  • CRA Payroll submissions
  • ROEs
  • Annual T4’s
  • T5018 Forms for contractors
You should consider outsourcing your bookkeeping for the following reasons:
  • Reduce and control operating costs.
  • Free up your limited resources for other purposes.
  • You do not have the resources internally.
  • Your record keeping is difficult to manage or is out of control.
  • Improve your business focus.
  • Ability to grow your organization
Ask yourself:
  • If I were to start this business / company today would I choose to do the books myself?
  • Do you find it difficult to organize your records?
  • Are you always behind in getting your information to your accountant?
  • Am I so good at maintaining and updating my books and records that others would hire me to do it for them?
Outsourcing your bookkeeping allows you to:
  • Focus on your core competencies.
  • Positioning Management (owners) as a “user” rather than a “generator” of your information.
  • Receive accurate and timely information.
  • Employ up-to-date accounting technology, without the upfront costs
  • Reduce your costs of having an accountant/bookkeeper on staff.
  • Obtain greater access to skilled people.
  • No office space is required.
  • No training is needed.
  • No Payroll taxes (EI, CPP).
  • Pay only for work actually carried out.
  • Balance Sheet – available each period. It summarizes your total business assets, liabilities and net worth at a given point in time so you can make the right decisions based on up-to-date information.
  • Monthly Income (Profit & Loss) Statement – a monthly breakdown of you sales and expenses for the current month, and a year-to-date total
Regardless of where the work is performed, you maintain ownership of your information.

Management retains control related to who can access to the information, no matter where it is located.

Control is also maintained through your acceptance of which services, pricing and contractual provisions you agree to.
Generally it will cost NO more than it is currently costing you for up-to-date information and most time it will be less

You will not have employee benefits, pension contributions or employer costs for government programs

You will not have to provide training to employees to keep them up-to-date

You will not have to keep up-to-date with technology for your accounting.

Savings also come in the freeing up of your time to work on your business