Welcome to Tax Update 2021

It's that time of year again to complete your tax return.

Like last year, we will be offering services multiple ways to make sure everyone is comfortable.

  1. Fully Online (Video Chat - Zoom, Email, Electronic signing)
  2. In Person (if within the government guidelines)
  3. A mixture of the two

You will note that we have moved offices. The space we were in was too small and due to ongoing construction there for the next couple of years we made the choice to relocate about 3 minutes from our previous location.

Now, it may not be top of your to-do list, BUT there are a few reasons to make it a priority:

  1. The sooner we can prepare your tax return, the sooner you will receive your refund or if you owe you’ll have more time to plan how to pay your tax bill,
  2. The earlier you send your info, the more time we’ll have to advise your tax mitigation strategies,
  3. Cash flow is critical at the moment so if you do need to borrow to pay your tax bill, your tax return figures will be required, and
  4. It will make me happy  
Please use one of the forms below to update/submit your information to us then you can upload your receipts/slips

Existing Clients

For existing individual clients to update their information with Cole CPA Group

New Clients

For NEW individual clients to provide their information to Cole CPA Group

Document Upload

Upload all your documents here, if you get an error please reduce the size of your upload.